About Us

Latin talent that you can be believed in for creating

Lathink was founded in 2004 as an act of faith in God and in life, with the purpose of offering Latin talent transformed in art.

We are an innovative creative studio specializing in the development of high-quality communication pieces.

Walking far away and no hurry to arrive                       

We are proud of our work! Moreover, walking beside artists, producers, agencies, and clients, we found that not only the goal is important, but also the creative travelers that help us to go far away.

Awesomeness. It’s what happens in Lathink when we join the creativity and the digital world

Latin talent and experience always have been our creativity stamp. Thus, seeking raise the success levels, we developed a digital content manager called “Live:brary”. It is a technological solution, which maximizes productivity while minimizes cost related to audiovisual productions.


Flavio Valencia

Diana Mariño

Francisco Zuleta

Carolina Leon

Alexander Zapata

Gustavo Valencia

Eduardo Muñoz

Cristian Yara

Luis Muñoz

Edwin Rodríguez

Paula Duran

Bibian Monroy


Save the Date

09/19/2018 – Brasilia, BR

Conectando conteúdo a pessoas digitais DCM – Digital Content Management, uma abordagem digital para organizar, compartilhar e conectar seu conteúdo audiovisual com suas equipes de trabalho em uma rede colaborativa automatizada.
Teatro Brasilia Shopping, Brasilia
E: roberta@urbanaproducoes.com.br

> Live:brary

10/02/2018 – Cartagena, CO

Business conferences + Cartagena 2018 Creatives services´ presentation
Cartagena Conventions’ center
E: usa@lathink.com
> Creatives services

10/26/2018 – Bogotá, CO

How to make a Transformers´ animation in 45 days?<COL_4.0 v.2018> Bogotá ACM SIGGRAPH, Corferias.
E: 3d@lathink.com
> Animation

Digital Transformation (DX)

It seems that when we heard about digital transformation (DX), it only applies to big companies. However, it is a fact that DX is part of every day and everybody. Smart phones and apps are proof of that.

DX is the application of digital technologies to transform aspects of business and society. Countless activities or processes are transformed from the manual or analogical world to digital. For instance, paying bills, calling a cap, buying airline tickets, and so on. Digital world has changed everyday life!

DX means to maximize time and minimize costs in terms of productivity. Therefore, your work teams can focus on creative activities and explore new opportunities.

We know you have amazing ideas and opportunities in your company. Moreover we know time is a fundamental factor, but also effective communication and efficient workflows with teams and clients and are critical components for success.

Let us ask you some questions:

  • What would you like to improve in your workflows? Usually, time, organization, and productivity are common answers.
  • Who would be in charge of conducting those improvements?
  • Would you like Lathink help you in this challenge?

We are experts in terms of connectivity, collaborative teams, DX, and automatization.