Live:brary, Lathink's Digital Content's Manager

Organize, share, approve, distribute and connect faster your audiovisual content with all your team works through just one digital platform.

Live:brary is one technologic solution develop by Lathink to run faster the associated process to the audiovisual´s production with the purpose of having more available time and be more productive.

More than a Digital Content´s Manager (DCM) is a fact to the private net but open to the collaboration and to the creation: Organize, share, automate and distribute audiovisual content with all your team works: artists, producers, directors, creatives, planners, marketing´s directors, media, everything in just one digital platform.

Live:brary is one useful platform for every great audiovisual content´s creator with a high file´s volume and approvals that requires to have an efficient digital flow work and controlling all the creative process and the production.

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Actives´ Management

Inventory's control and centralization

Connect your audiovisual content with the associated equipment with your flow work through the Live:brary, the web and mobile 24/7 access platform where the generated files during the creative process and the productions are stored, organized and online connected with all the work´s equipment in the quickest and productive way possible, the digital way.

¿Where is your audiovisual inventory?

Manage and control your digital inventory. In a central repository, unique and private, instead of trust it to someone else or in external discs without security’s protocol

Extend the useful life of your inversion   

Putting all your audiovisual material on Live:brary it not only protects your inversion but at the same time make profitable, since it is digitalized, cataloged and online visible, the possibility of recreate it in more content and extender it useful life it´s just one click away.

The brands story doesn´t repeat it´s invented

Keep visible the image and communication´s guidelines of the brands along the time and keep the temptation of changing the history or reinvented the wheel every time a new member arrives to the team.

More metadata, more organization and automation

With Live:brary you can create and personalize infinite fields of metadata give unlimited search´s combinations and the same number of automations.


If it´s digitalized and have metadata you can automate from the send of an expiration notification or an approval up to a formats’ conversion or mathematical calculations. It depends on who far do you want to take your flow work.

Storage and backup

With Live:brary you have up to 3 storage and security´s levels for your files S3, LTO-6 on vault and local services.

Users, but also roles

Based on every team´s characteristics and their participation on the flow work, with Live:brary you could personalize roles with limited access and functions: search cataloged, revision, approval project request or files, loads and downloads distribution, etc.

Web Spaces and Personalized Domains

It´s a matter of image but it’s also of security and confidentiality having a private url, available only for users linked to the projects, brand agency, producer or media

Collaborative Digital Communication

Connecting the content with the digital individuals

The lack of digital communication, the small visibility of the comments and approvals, the difficulty to consolidate the information and the disconnection  between the not approve versions and the approved one, are sparks that can cause a fire at any moment: extra hours, delivery date change, cost raises, loss of profitability and low productivity .with Live:brary the content connects with you and thanks to collaborative digital communication this content takes live and flows with a clear intention across his collaborators’ network.   

How does it take their approval process?

When the conversations between agency and client or artist and producer don’t get along in a standardized way, there is no reception guarantee, reading, understanding or a clear feedback as consequence of this disconnection the voice of the brand is unconscious, the content it’s not well done or in time, the feedback is given in different ways and through different apps, there is no visibility of who or what has been check. The collaborative communication doesn’t exist.

Change the approvals through chats, the load of files to diverse platforms, the reading and interpretation of email chains, the response to hundreds of messages per week, the meetings, the calls and multiple interruptions of the day, by just one app that publish, connects and socialize the content in a digital way with all of its work teams, so everyone do its own in the right moment

Approve by making click in “yes”

The process of revision and approval is easy and fast. Click in “play video” and click in “approve: Yes, or No”.

From “not approve” to Adobe Premier.

Easy and fast to comment, easy and fast also to re-edit. Play de video, pause it, create an event in the exact second and picture and write your comment. Go back to play the video and repeat all the comments publish in the web are added to the metadata of the original file to be visualized in adobe premiere. Create your own viral flow of communication.

Detect the actions of communication realize in a manual way and Automate them in a new flow of digital work that will make them viral through all the network and that accelerates the times to contact and its response. The collaborates are notified when it is required a revision, approve or supervision, and the state of this actions goes viral to the team so the project flows to the next step

From footage to master everything needs approbation

Put the files to sail along the river of the digital communication´s collaborate. Share the footage, edits, preliminaries, versions, master, with the director or the creative to request its comments or approbation. Ask the producer to Leak the videos of casting, art or wardrobe and to share it with the client. Allow the planner to visualize the approve content, order its distribution to the networks or to publish it on YouTube.

Choose your work teams to share content

The digital work flow  includes the selection of the collaborate  “team” that ii required to carry out  specific process like request of projects, creative approvals, budget and shopping approvals  ,quality control or delivery and discharge confirmations

Digital Workflows

Process automation for a mayor productivity

For the creative´s team the chaos is the rule, and this the reason why the due dates are barely fulfilled. By general, the chaos is a “bottleneck” of communication´s problems that we try to manually solve but it can be solving it by designing a digital workflows that connects the content and improve the visibility, accelerate the communication´s process and automatize what is manually made and have more available time and focus on the productivity.

Faster workflow and more productive

Design with us a digital workflow that secure that all the projects flow opportunely through a river of approvals and ending on the scheduled time or before.

Online project applications

Make that your workflow flows digitally from the project´s creation. Let your clients or producers gave the first digital step that giving the brief and asking online´s work.

Creative process´ follow up

Supervise the projects in all the creative phase as the time that they executed and keep your own revision process and internal approval until it´s ready to share.

Smart search

Anticipated searches are a smart way to speed up the workflow. Each user may program his own file´s searches and visualize it on independent folders for a daily revision.


The main characteristic from a digital workflow is that can be automate Live:brary use the metadata to program functions and make digitally what was made manually.

Log in, cataloging and online edition

We help to make that the edition on set or room be 10 times faster thanks to the footage cataloging in the moment of the filming a to

the automatized ingest. In a couple of hours, the footage is organized on folders and online visible for editing sequences with proxies.

Talent Licenses´ Management

Validity´s control, expiration and copyright renovation

 Every piece of content is the result of the sum of various artists´ talent and from the first moment that is publicly “reproduced” turns in a work protect by the copyright and intellectual property laws. As it is generated and is published more content the responsibility multiplies on the work protection and increase de risk of an involuntary infraction to the exploitation rights. With the license´s manager you can connect and associate the talent´s information, control the right cession by media, territory, and validity and automate de use alerts, expiration and renovation.

Talents´ registry by campaign

Complete a data sheet and the detailed information from the talent on the license´s module to create your own database and to have a daily visibility of the validity from each work.

Permits registry

Include legal documentation like health state´s permits or gambling´s authorizations with their validity’s dates and identification numbers for alerts and consults.

Maturity control

Thanks to the automatized alerts of expiration, you will never run the risk of an infraction to the copyrights for exploitation or public reproduction out of the cession time.

Distribution´s authorization

The licenses´ manager, besides of automated expiration´s alerts, authorized or restrict the content´s distribution based on the expiration or when the estimated date of publication overpass the rights´ validity.

Authorization by territory

Even when every group´s user can visit the content made by other users from other countries, the distribution and content´s publication is restricted only to the country or countries owners of the exploitation rights.

Digital Content´s Distribution

Automation and total control of the copies

Recover your content´s reliability and get the guarantee of a reliable delivery making a distribution of your campaigns from the same approval platform, without share the files with strange people. The distribution´s module is connect it to all the approved files to generated in an automatically way the copies to distribute and delivery to the media   or post it on You Tube error range.

From the approval to the distribution

Order the copies’ distribution from the same client´s approved file, without possibility of mistakes, follow all the process through the automated or a historic distribution.

Formats´ Customation

Make distribution orders to the majority of the TV Channels and digital media and also requested especial formats to add it to your option menu of distribution.

Automatized transcoded

Live:brary create the clappers from de metadata and generates copies in an automatized way for each media in just a few minutes.

You Tube publication and Adservers

Fill the information to post and with one click post your videos in your You Tube account or in the solicited Adservers. Agencies, Planner and media will receive an immediate notification with the link of You Tube or the Vast Adservers.

Unlimited transcoded

Choose the plan with copies and unlimited distribution if you transcode volume exceeds the 80 units per month

Searches and unlimited download to planners and media

The best and way and efficient way to share content is to allow that your people can connect them with the files of distribution, search, consult, order by criteria, left comments and download.