More than a Digital Content Manager
Live:brary is a private collaboration and creation networking.

Organize, share, approve, distribute and connect faster your audiovisual content
with all your team works through just one digital platform.

Live:brary is a technological solution developed by Lathink, which maximizes productivity while minimizes cost related to audiovisual production processes.

By using the same platform not only you can connect faster audiovisual content to all team members such as artists, producers, directors, planners etc.; but also Live:brary allows to organize, automate, share, and distribute it.

Live:brary effectively integrates all workflows related to audiovisual content creation, large volumes of files and approvals

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Content Management

Centralized control of digital content.

Connect your audiovisual content with the associated team with your flow work through the Live:brary, the web and mobile 24/7 access platform where the generated files during the creative process and the productions are stored, organized and online connected with all the work´s equipment in the quickest and productive way possible, the digital way.

Where is your audiovisual inventory?

Live:brary is a safe place for all your media inventory. Manage your audiovisual content with high level of confidentiality, integrity, availability, and efficiency.

Extend life and value of media content  

Live:brary not only protecting your investment, but also extends content life by reusing it for new projects.

Highlight your Branding guidelines

Live:brary protects your brand so that it continues creating value by having rules and restrictions, because it is fundamental that all teams understand the value of the brand and know how to use it.

More metadata for better efficiency

Live:brary allows to define unlimited metadata for your content in order to create smart queries and efficient automatizations.


Since the beginning of capturing or content creation, metadata allows to implement automations, which are highly parameterizable for activities such as alerts, notifications, transcode, etc.

Storage and backup

Live:brary provides three storage levels of data, not only for easy and fast access to your content, but also backup to protect against the data loss.

Access control management

You can create users in Live:brary based on each process and team features, assign users individual security credentials and specify permissions to control which operations a user can perform such as create a new project, search options, approvals, content download, etc.

Your own Web space

We know how important confidentiality is. Therefore, your projects are private with high levels of security and easy to access via your Web space for the authorized users.

Digital communication and collaborative

Connecting content with work teams.

The lack of a centralized system and effective communication produce inefficiency and cost overruns such as content reviews barely visible, confusion among versions, overtime, and change expected delivery dates. Live:brary not only centralizes workflows and connects work teams, but also maximizes productivity while minimizes cost overruns.

How effective is your approval process?

Lack of communication between protagonists (media agencies, clients, artists, producers, etc) does, usually, hamper and delay the approval process, makes difficult to enforce branding guidelines and effectiveness of feedback and corrections.

Through Live:brary, you avoid approvals by chats, endless back-and-forth emails, unnecessary meetings and calls, and interaction with several platforms.

Approvals with just a click

Review and approval processes are faster and easier than ever.

From corrections to Adobe Premier

Play back audio or video and insert your comment in any second or frame respectively. Your comments are incorporated to the file metadata for an easy editing in Adobe Premier.

Rapid spread of reviews, corrections and requests

Live:brary automatically propagates and updates reviews, corrections or requests through your workflows. Therefore, team members are immediately notified of the updated in order to take appropriate action.

From footage to master everything needs approbation

Share content such as footage, editing, previews, versions, and master with the director and creative team in order to receive feedback and approvals.

Ask that the producer select the casting videos, art, costumes to be shown to the client.

Allow to the Planner to visualize approved material and request its distribution to the Networks or publication on YouTube.

Customize your work teams

A digital workflow includes teams customization. Therefore, actions such as projects request, approving budget and purchase orders, quality control, and delivery/download confirmation are attended by proper team members.

Digital Workflows

Processes automatization to increase productivity.

Live:brary does not limit creative processes, on the contrary it implements workflows in order to connect work teams, keep to scheduled dates, maximize results, and minimizes cost overruns.

Efficient workflows

We offer you the opportunity of building tailored digital workflows, which ensure successful projects with efficiency and timely delivery.

Online request for projects

Let your clients or producers take the first step, provide the brief, and request services.

Monitoring creative processes

Monitor, comment, and approve the progress of your project at every creative stage before it is shared.

Smart search

Each user can define its own smart search for tracking daily files and content progress.


The core of a digital workflow is the automation options. Live:brary automatically deploys tasks and functions based on your available metadata.

Cataloging and edition on set

No more wasting time visualizing hours of material. From the very moment of the film shooting, it is cataloged, and the footage is structured for edition on set. Thereby, content will be online for editing using proxy files.

Talent and Copyright Management

Keep track all talents related to your projects and receive automatic notifications of upcoming expiration copyright licensing dates in order to request extension and avoid cost overruns or penalties.

Talent registration

Connect talent data to your content projects. Information from artists, production and post-production staff, expiration copyright licensing dates, and companies is associated with each produced material.

Permits and licenses

Record information related to permits and licenses such as type (sanitary, gambling, etc.), identification number, and expiration dates.

Copyright alerts

Avoid cost overruns or penalties by copyright expiration. The Talent Register module provides details of your hired talent and notifies upcoming expiration copyright dates.

Control the distribution of content

The Copyright alerts module not only notifying upcoming expiration, but also restricts usability of your content for dates and unauthorized regions or countries.

Digital Content Distribution

No more material exposed on free e-mail or cloud-based services. Keep your campaigns secure and highly available only for authorized users and automatically distribute or publish approved material to the media, networks or YouTube.

From the approval to the distribution

Every distributed file is an exact copy of the approved file and includes a historical log of distribution without any risk of error.

Distribution and special formats

Request content distribution to TV channels and digital media, and include new formats in your distribution panel menu

Automatic transcoding

Live:brary create slates based on metadata in order to automate copies generation in few seconds.

YouTube and Ad servers publications

Fill the information to post and with one click post your videos in your You Tube account or in the solicited Ad servers. Agencies, Determine material to be posted and  just with a click connect it to your YouTube account or favorite Ad servers. Then, team members such as media agencies, planners, and media will be notified about the post and links.

Unlimited transcode

This option offers more than 80 transcode units per month.

Smart search and unlimited download

Allow that planners and media access to your approved content through smart search and unlimited downloads.