Flavio / Creative Producer

Diana / Producer 


Jackie / VFX Producer

Carolina / Finance

Francisco / Look Dev

Eduardo / Animation Lead

Camilo / VFX

Sara / Business Development

Lucho / Edition

Edwin / Audio

Alexander / IT Manager

Bibian / Bookkeeping

Founded in 2004 by Flavio Valencia, Lathink is the result of an act of faith in God and trust in our talent, which allows us to make possible anything we imagine.

We are a creative team/studio specialized in 3D/VFX with extensive experience in complex projects and professional pipelines, which include but are not limited to brands Hasbro, Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, Unilever, and Movistar.

We are enormously proud of what we built; excited about new challenges; and grateful to our team, artists, partners, and clients for walking beside us.

Future looks bright, make way we’re coming through!